Van Insurance UK

As most established companies are now internet based, it's easy to shop around.

Bear in mind the following points


The same policy can cost significantly less with one company than it does with another. Get several policy quotes from different companies before deciding.

Comparing quotes

Comparing only the price of the premium can be misleading. Check what the policy actually covers you for.


Higher excess level (the amount of a claim that you have to pay) will normally mean a lower premium, however, if you are unfortunate enough to have to make a claim it will cost you more.

No claims discount

Insurance companies reward careful drivers with no-claims discounts. Give a detailed account of your driving history. If you're a new driver, find a company that offers competitive rates to drivers seeking insurance for the first time.

Special Groups (e.g. Women only)

Women are statistically safer drivers than men. As a result, some companies offer lower premiums to female drivers.


Most companies give the option of either paying all your premium in one go or making monthly payments for a small extra charge.




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