Van Insurance Guide

This type of commercial vehicle cover is offered to businesses from a variety of different sources including banks, direct insurers, specialist brokers and intermediaries. As with any insurance, it is always sensible to shop around. However, if your van is used to transport unusual goods or to travel overseas, consider specialist insurers or insurance brokers for quotes.

Usually, there are three types of van insurance cover offered to businesses. These consist of:

  • Comprehensive Cover

This provides the maximum level of van insurance cover in respect of damage caused to your van either in an accident or through acts of vandalism, theft, or any other type of damage whoever is to blame. It is worth noting that all van insurance policies carry exclusions and excesses, therefore it is always worth checking with the insurance company or broker what is actually covered before a decision is made to purchase. Most comprehensive types of van insurance include windscreen cover where there is normally an excess to pay in the event of a claim. However, this is a small amount compared to the full cost of replacing a windscreen or back window. Windscreen claims will normally have no effect on your no claim bonus. Depending on the nature of the business carried out some van insurance policies may allow you to drive other business's van's although there may be severe limitations to this.

  • Third Party Fire & Theft 

In addition to the level of cover offered by third party van insurance, under third party fire and theft cover your van(s) are also covered against damage or loss of your vehicle due to it being stolen or set on fire provided this is reported to the police. Some van insurance policies also offer legal costs for a solicitor.

  • Third Party Only 

This level of van cover is the minimum insurance requirement by law that allows businesses to operate vehicles on the road and covers you in the event of damage or injury sustained to a third party from a motoring accident. The disadvantage to this type of van insurance is you will not be covered at all for personal injury sustained by you or any damage to your van whoever is at fault following a motoring accident.



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