Travel Insurance

A piece of mind while away from home

Travel insurance covers a variety of situations including medical expenses, theft, loss of baggage, trip interruption or cancellation and other travel-related calamities. Probably the most common forms of travel insurance are policies that protect you against loss in case your trip is canceled or interrupted. Trip cancellation policies step in if you're stuck with worthless plane tickets or other useless prepaid items such as hotel accommodations, or if you would have to pay change penalties commonly assessed by airlines. For many travelers, their home country medical insurance does not pay for medical services overseas, so travel insurance can be purchased with provisions to pay medical costs should you fall ill while abroad. Theft, unfortunately, can ruin a vacation - especially if all your belongings get stolen, so theft coverage also can be helpful. Along with this, coverage for loss of baggage can add some peace of mind if your bags take a detour to Desmoine but you're in Paris. Travel insurance can be purchased by the day so you only pay for coverage while you're on you're trip. Longer term policies also are available if you're planning extended travel.



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