Tips for Finding Van Insurance General

You may want to use your new van for social domestic use only. Some insurers are very happy to provide a policy for you - but not all.

If you are venturing into Commercial Vehicle insurance for the first time. You may have a good driving history over the last 2 or more years and want to keep your existing private car policy - We may well have an insurer who will give you an introductory discount equivalent to your private car no claims bonus.

Tool Cover. You may be able to get better value if you find out about tool cover at the same time as taking out Van insurance - We currently have some good deals with Norwich Union. - just ask.

No available no claims. Don't despair - If you have been driving a company van/car claim free for a number of years - we may well have an insurer who will accept written proof from your employer and allow an introductory bonus.

Grey imports. If you are about to purchase a 'grey import' find out about the cost of insurance first, as many insurers either will not quote or will enhance the premium to cover the potential additional cost of repairs etc. If you have just brought your 'grey import' don't panic just call us and we will more than likely be able to offer a very competitive rate.

Excess. Always check what effects there are on increasing/decreasing your voluntary excess.

Proof of no claims. Always be in a position where you can provide written proof of no claims, either from a private car, existing Van or even a letter from your employer stating you're no claims history.

Never exaggerate the truth. If you inadvertently or deliberately mislead any insurer there is a danger that in the event of a claim there may be circumstances by which the insurer would not pay the claim. Always be sure of the facts.



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