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The Insurance Programs (TIPs) is an online consumer educational and financial services marketing firm dedicated to providing consumers with a fast, easy, effective and simple way to fulfill their insurance shopping needs.

Our goal is to create an insured environment by helping you to choose the correct insurance company by matching each individual quote request with the insurance company that will give you the lowest rate. When your request for an insurance quote is received Our easy two-step process will occur: A licensed professional agent will contact you by telephone within 24 hours and provide you with assistance, by offering personal advice about your insurance needs and provide you with the most current and accurate quotes available to help ensure that you are picking the best coverage that best fit your specific needs. Once the agent has fulfilled your insurance needs by telephone you can then apply online or by phone. The licensed agent will guide you through the entire process and answer any additional questions that you may have about the application process. We provide agreements with licensed insurance professionals and market only the best insurance portfolios from the nation's quality rated insurance carriers. We provide product coverage information from more than 20 major life insurances companies in the United States.

How Our Life Insurance Quotes Work

All it takes is a short telephone conversation for you to learn everything you need to know. A licensed professional agent will assist you with the application process online and answer any questions you may have about the various options and provide you with the best quotes available. Our Mission: to search and find the best company and premium for our customers no matter what their health.



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