Insurance UK

Is this your first Van Insurance UK?

You may not have any No claims bonus but check for special introductory offers.

What is the highest level of excess charge you can afford?

To pay?

If you opt to pay for the first 100 or 150 instead of the first 50 you can reduce the cost of your insurance. This indicates you are unlikely to make smaller claims and will only need assistance from your insurance company in the event of a major claim.

Can you restrict your cover to named drivers?

If you ensure your vehicle for anyone to ride the cost will be understandably higher. The only instance where this may not be the case is if a lot of your named drivers are young and inexperienced, in which case it may be better to ensure for all drivers.

Can you live without those additional products that insurance companies offer?

Think very carefully about if you really need them. Extra perks can mean higher policies.

Have you built up more than 4 years no claims bonus?

You should try to protect your 4 years no claims.


If you live in a high risk area consider leaving your Van Insurance UK in a garage. If your vehicle is garaged your premiums will be significantly reduced.

Do you have the correct level of cover for your vehicle?

If the trade value is not high then it may be worth going for Third Party Fire and Theft cover or just third party damage as opposed to Fully Comprehensive.



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