Dog Eats Car

Auto insurance covers car interior eaten by angry pooch!

One pet owner was shocked to find the interior of his SUV chewed up by his dog after a brief visit to a friend's house. "I couldn't believe it! The seatbelts, seats, and dashboard all had bites taken out of them. It was a disaster." The large dog, an Akita, was accustomed to being at his owner's side at all times and did not like having to wait in the car, even though it was rainy and cold outside. "I was in my friend's house for no more than 15 minutes," says the man. "When I saw what my dog had done, I was furious - auto upholstery repairs like this are expensive, and I was having a hard enough time keeping food on the table during that part of my life." Several weeks later, during a visit to his insurance agent's office, he commented on the interior damage, joking with an agent about how he wished there was insurance to cover damage caused by angry pets. To his amazement, the agent responded, a matter of factly, that the damage already was covered under his auto policy "I didn't realize that the comprehensive portion of my insurance policy covered damage to the car while stationary including damage to the interior. The agent sent me to an adjustment center for an estimate of damages, and I walked out with a check for $1,900." The man says he and his dog dined on steaks that night! Good doggy?



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