Business Insurance

Business insurance packages contain many coverages

Business Insurance policies typically contain a number of different insurance coverages to protect the business and its owners from a variety of risks. For instance, a business insurance policy contains liability coverage in case someone slips and falls in the place of business, or files a lawsuit against the business for some other reason.

A business policy package may also include insurance protecting the business in case the owner or key executive is disabled and unable to carry out his duties. Property and casualty coverage included in this type of policy insures against damage to the business property itself if it is damaged or destroyed by fire or some other disaster situation.

If the business is a professional practice, the insurance package may also include some sort of "errors and omissions" coverage (if the professional makes a mistake that causes damage to a client), or perhaps a coverage that protects the business from lawsuits for such things as libel or slander.

Other professional practices such as doctors or lawyers contain other specialized coverages specific to their line of work. Take a look at our information on Professional Indemnity Insurance for more details.

The more complex and larger the size of the business, the greater the need for many types of insurance coverage to manage a greater number of risks.



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