Choosing The Best Multi Car Insurance

Get The Best Multi Car Insurance

Are you about to add a second or third vehicle to your pool of cars in the house? If you are, then you should learn about the insurance options that you have, which we will learn more about in the following sections.

Option A: Individual Car Insurance Plans

First, you can always opt for the traditional way of getting individual car insurance plans. As you may already know, car insurance serves as financial protection for you as a driver and your car; as well as other drivers and their cars, in case there is a road mishap. Car insurance plans range from the most basic to the most comprehensive, with some even offering perks like roadside assistance or even free window cleaning. The premiums depend on how comprehensive the car insurance plan is, as well as the model and make of your car.

Option B: Multi Car Insurance Plans

If you have more than one car to insure, your second option in addition to getting individual car insurance plans for each vehicle is to apply for multi car insurance plans. It works pretty much the same way as traditional car insurance plans do. The only difference is that you will be getting discounts for buying their products in bulk. Think of it as buying grocery items on a wholesale instead of retail basis. Basically, you are reducing the administrative costs shouldered by the car insurance company while also sending more business their way, so they can afford to give you such discounts.

To understand more about the best multi car insurance plans, here are a few quick facts about it:

  • Under one multi-car insurance plan, you can register a minimum of two and a maximum of five cars.
  • All vehicles under one multi-car insurance plan should be registered in the same address.
Depending on the insurance provider, there would be some conditions when it comes to the number of drivers which can be registered under one multi-car insurance plan. For example, some companies only allow one driver to be registered if he or she owns two or three cars. For other companies, five cars and five drivers registering under the same plan is perfectly acceptable.



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